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Jan 1, 2021

We worked with Coorie to deliver an extraordinary brand and website, in which could portray their gallery quality work and lifestyle objects and furniture.

Coorie Studio, founded in 2021, is an innovative design establishment based in Dundee, Scotland. The studio is dedicated to creating products that aim to improve the quality of life through thoughtful and intelligent design. With a deep commitment to sustainable design principles, Coorie Studio meticulously applies this ethos to all aspects of their operations. Coorie Studio's offerings span a wide range of products, including prints, interiors, furniture, and objects. The focus of their designs is on enhancing physical spaces through a combination of form, materiality, and craftsmanship. The final product is the result of a carefully considered technical as well as aesthetic approach.

The studio's work is heavily influenced by the principles of Scandinavian architecture and design, characterized by simplicity and refinement. This results in a style that falls into a unique category between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

In 2022, Coorie Studio curated an exhibition of their products and homeware, showcasing their commitment to quality and design. They invite individuals to explore and appreciate their creations, and to experience the positive impact that well-considered design can have on one's surroundings.

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