We are a design house.

Located in Dundee, Scotland, our award-winning design studio expertly combines architecture, brand identity, and digital innovation to craft compelling narratives and spaces. With a deep-rooted commitment to design excellence, we approach each project as a unique opportunity to explore and innovate, guided by our extensive academic insight and strategic thinking.

Our services span bespoke website design, brand development, and Interior & Architectural design, each tailored to reveal the unique story and ambitions of our clients. Whether it’s creating a transformative digital presence, forging a memorable brand identity, or designing architecturally significant spaces, our multidisciplinary team works collaboratively to deliver solutions that are both beautiful and functional, ensuring every project we undertake enhances user engagement and elevates the brand’s essence.

Our studio is a crucible of creativity, where the seamless integration of digital and physical design aligns with our philosophy of practical elegance and minimalist aesthetics. From the intricate detailing of interior designs to the strategic development of online platforms, we are dedicated to crafting experiences that resonate deeply and stand the test of time.

We offer:

Architectural Design
Interior & Space Design
Product Design
Architectural Models
3D Visualisations

Logo Design
Brand Identity & Strategy
Graphic Design
Product Design
Stationary & Packaging
Editorial Design
Book Design

Web Design & Development
Advertising & Campaigns
Digital Marketing

2022 - royal Scottish Academy nominated - new contemporaries exhibition 2024
2022 - published in V&a Dundee - L6 Portfolio
2022 - Published in Dynamic stasis annual
2021 - published in dynamic stasis annual
2020 - Dundee Institute of Architects- best housing group
2020 - royal scottish academy annual exhibition - house 01
2020 - royal scottish academy snohetta metzstein
2019 - royal scottish academy annual exhibition - walled garden
2019 - published in dynamic Stasis annual
2017 - award winning studio design - perthshire
2016 - festival of architecture - selected works